I am honored to have received the following endorsements.
All endorsements are personal and do not represent their official positions or offices.

Titles are for identification purposes only. 

Current and Former Electeds

Mike Honda 

Former Congressman

District CA-17

Pat Kolstad

Former Santa Clara Councilmember

Patricia Mahan

former Santa Clara Councilmember for District 5 and former Mayor

John McLemore

Former Santa Clara Councilmember

Raj Chahal 

Santa Clara Councilmember

District 2

Will Kennedy

Former Santa Clara Councilmember

Karen Hardy

Santa Clara Councilmember

District 3

Mike Sellers

Former SC Police Chief

Anna Eshoo


District CA-18

Bob Wieckowski

California Senator District 10

Cindy Chavez

Santa Clara County Supervisor

VTA Board Chairperson

Evan Low

California Assemblyman District 28

Gustav Larsson

Sunnyvale Councilmember

Lisa Matichak

Mountain View Councilmember

Lucas Ramirez

Mountain View Councilmember

Rod Sinks

Cupertino Councilmember

and former Mayor

Jim Beall

California Senator District 15

Dave Cortese

Santa Clara County Supervisor

Michele Ryan

Santa Clara Unified Board President

Sergio Jimenez

San Jose Councilmember, D2

Ash Kalra

California Assemblyman District 27

Rod Diridon

Former SC County Supervisor

Albert Gonzalez

Santa Clara Unified Board Trustee

Rob Rennie

Los Gatos Councilmember

and former Mayor

Anu Natarajan

Former Fremont Vice Mayor

Community Members and Others

  • Rev. Jethroe Moore (President of the San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACP)

  • Lori King  (former principal at Washington Open Elementary)

  • Dr Stan Rose (past Santa Clara Unified Superintendent)

  • Dr. Mohammed Nadeem (Community Leader and former Civil Services commissioner, Santa Clara)

  • Anthony Becker (Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Yuki Ikezi (Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Steve Kelly (Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Lance Saleme (Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Byron Fleck (former Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Michael O'Halloran (former Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Keith Stattenfield (former Santa Clara planning commissioner)

  • Dennis Dowling (former President, Ulistac Natural Area Restoration and Education Project -- UNAREP)

  • Dale Jones (Former principal at Discovery Charter School)

  • Larry Owens (Former Senior Division Manager at Silicon Valley Power)

  • Jeannie Mahan (Santa Clara Woman's Club, Historic Landmarks Commissioner)

  • Wesley Mukoyama (Santa Clara community leader and "No on Measure C" campaign)

  • Mario Bouza (Santa Clara Rotary and Santa Clara Civil Service Commission)

  • Harbir Bhatia (Santa Clara Cultural Commissioner and Santa Clara Community Coalition founder)

  • Kevin Park (Santa Clara’s General Plan Steering Committee member, SC Sister Cities past board member)

  • Bonnie Lieberman (Candidate for SCUSD, Area 2)

  • Alex Lee (Candidate for California Assembly District 25)

  • Michael Hindery (Acterra board member and former VP for Finance and Administration at SCU)

  • Bob Levy  (Santa Clara County Planning Commissioner)


"It is without hesitation that I am endorsing Suds Jain for Santa Clara City Council, District 5. Suds has been active in our city, in both the political realm and in civic and charitable causes for at least the past decade. I have known Suds for many years and trust that he holds Santa Clara’s best interests at heart and makes decision based on what is best for our community. Suds has broad political experience, having served as on the Santa Clara Planning Commissioner for the last 5 years. He will represent the people of Santa Clara well, with honesty, integrity and fairness."

- Patricia Mahan (former Santa Clara Councilmember for District 5 and former Mayor)

Suds and I started the Wilcox Robotics after-school program in 2014.  Suds is great to work with because he is smart, hardworking, and careful with resources and finances.  He puts effort in everything he does. He has been a wonderful planning commissioner and would be an excellent addition to the city council.  I would love to serve with him.  -- Karen Hardy, Santa Clara Vice Mayor 

“Suds is one of the regions strongest environmentalists, deeply involved in all aspects of Santa Clara city activities and impeccably honest. He’ll be a fine Councilmember!”  Rod Diridon, Sr. Retired Chair of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors and Transit Board.

“The residents of Santa Clara are looking for a representative who has the experience and leadership to put their safety and their family’s safety first. Suds has demonstrated in his career that he has the work ethic, training, experience, and vision to effectively represent our community. We need a Councilmember who is prepared to handle the challenges we are facing today. Suds Jain is ready. That is why I am supporting him.”

-- Rev. Jethroe Moore (Silicon Valley NCAA Chapter President)

"Suds has been very active in the community for a number of years. He serves on the Planning Commission and regularly attends Council meetings. He has good ideas. He would make a great councilmember" 

-- Mohammed Nadeem (Former Santa Clara Civil Service Commissioner)

"Suds and I met while attending a Sierra Club training program. We were both planning commissioners at the time. I was impressed by Suds' grasp of details on trip reduction and affordable housing strategies. I think someone as bright and dedicated as Suds would make a great councilmember" 

-- Lisa Matichak, Mountain View City Council

"As a school principal, I've learned that parent volunteers are an essential component to a high-quality learning environment. Suds Jain is one of the most dedicated and talented volunteers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Suds volunteered for countless hours helping out wherever needed, but he also designed and taught elective classes, including exceptional courses on climate change and higher level mathematics that incorporated problems faced by contemporary engineers. Suds is tireless, a joy to work with, and dedicated to improving our schools, community, and planet." 

-- Dale Jones (Former principal at Discovery Charter School)

“Suds Jain is one of the few active stakeholders we met with at SVP over the last 10 years who really understands the complexities and unique benefits of delivering clean, reliable and affordable electricity to Santa Clara." 

-- Larry Owens (Former Senior Division Manager at Silicon Valley Power)


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