Ninety seven percent of published climate scientist affirm at the earth is warming and that human activity is the primary cause of Global Heating.

The average surface temperature of the Earth has increased by about one degree Celsius from preindustrial times. This increase in temperature is caused by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and methane which are trapping 2-3 watts per square meter of extra heat. Carbon dioxide is released when we burn things like gasoline in our cars.

This extra energy amplifies the hydrological cycle causing floods, droughts and hurricanes. Extra hot and dry weather is driving extreme wildfires in California.

I believe Climate Change poses and existential threat to human civilization which is why I retired in 2008 to work on combating climate change. I've given lots of lectures and have been teaching a weekly class on Climate science to middle school students for the past 9 years.

What does this all mean to Santa Clara?

We have all experienced very poor air quality in 2020 due to the wildfires which limits our activity and endangers people with health conditions. Santa Clara has its own electric utility which has for years been cheaper and greener than PG&E.  We are now been bypassed by other utilities like Silicon Valley Clean Energy and Peninsula Clean Energy.

Sea level rise threatens to flood parts of Santa Clara and our creeks may flood due to heavy rainstorms.

I pushed hard to get Santa Clara to hire a fulltime sustainability manager.


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