I was born in Delhi, India in 1961 but my parents moved to Davis, California in 1963 where I lived until I went away to college.

I attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where I earned BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering. It was in a fraternity there that I acquired the nickname, "Suds". After working for 5 years in New Jersey, I moved to California to be closer to my parents and to work for a startup company in Redwood City. After working at several computer networking companies in the Bay Area, I retired in 2008 to "give back". For the past 12 years, I've been a fulltime volunteer working on climate change and education issues. For a number of years, I maintained computers at Washington Open Elementary and Discovery Charter schools. I co-founded the Wilcox Robotics Team with Councilmember Karen Hardy in 2013 and continue to coach the team at there Wilcox High. It was my involvement with Santa Clara's Climate Action Plan than led me to apply to the Planning Commission where I have served since 2015.

Lori and I have been married for over 20 years and we have a 20-year-old son, Anand, who attended Washington Open Elementary and Santa Clara High School. 


We've lived in the historic Wilson House in the Old Quad since 1999. We've had a couple of SCU "boarding houses" across the street from us. In fact, we put in double-hung wood double pane windows in the bedrooms facing the boarding houses to keep the noise levels down. But that's not the main reason why I'm running.

I got involved with the City when I walked precincts to oppose Levi's Stadium (Measure J). I got more involved when I saw how weak our Climate Action plan was in 2013. That prompted me to apply to be on the Planning Commission. I've now served on the Planning commission for 5 years and I have made a significant difference to make our City better. But planning commissioners can only rule on a project based on whether it complies with the existing General Plan and Zoning Code. We cannot make or set policy. Real change like increasing the amount of affordable housing or getting public art happens at the City Council level.


Standing Up For All Santa Clarans

I have the passion, experience, and have been an effective voice in Santa Clara. I have been very active in advocating for a better quality of life for Santa Clarans since before 2013. I opposed the Stadium because I worried about traffic, noise and public safety. I thought it was too much for a small city like Santa Clara. Little did I know how much City Council time and energy the Stadium would consume.

I attend most council meetings. In fact, the Silicon Valley Voice (Santa Clara Weekly) has often called me a "council mainstay". I read the long packets and try to offer constructive suggestions. Often I complain about wasteful spending like $2 million of taxpayer money for SuperBowl celebrations or extremely expensive landscaping or painting overpasses at Lawrence and El Camino. I have opposed no-bid contracts and exclusive negotiating agreements.

I ran for City Council in 2016 so I know what running a campaign is like. Since I am retired, I definitely have the time to serve on Council.

I have the experience because I have served on the Planning Commission for the past 5 years and understand land use. I was Planning Commission Chair in 2018/19 and served as the Chair of the Charter Review Committee in 2019. I currently also serve on the El Camino Real Specific Area Plan committee and the Chief of Police Advisory Committee.


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